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Newsmonster.org researched well over forty five sites on the internet whose business is to help the active investors/traders become more successful with their money. The intent is to assimilate the best information relating to trading services and to allow the user to easily access such information at a single location. Rather than having to needlessly spend hours, if not days, scouring the internet for tiny nuggets of information on mentoring and advisory programs, the staff at newsmonster.org has already done the leg-work in researching and finding knowledgeable resources in the areas of trading education, trading mentorship and investment advisory. Below is a partial list of those sites that our staff deemed to provide the most value to the investor. You will find expert advisory sites pertaining to the options trading market, the futures market, securities market and forex market. Information provided below are up-to-date based on the time of our research.  If you find discrepancies or would like to add to the list, please contact us and provide the appropriate details to allow our staff to thoroughly research your feedback.


INO.com Marketclub has been an online authority source for options and futures trading since 1994. It was the first online site for both futures and options trading. The site receives over a million unique users to its pages per month looking for news, advice and education on options trading, Forex trading and the futures market.  Because of its high visitation rate from active traders, the site developed the Futures Alert product to support the needs of the futures traders. It also developed the MarketClub Trading Service which comprises of charting software for technical analysis with a built-in 'Smart Scan' technology.  The MarketClub Smart Scan scours the whole market to uncover strong uptrends and downtrends, long-term trends and "insider" buying and selling. The big premise behind the MarketClub system is to follow the trades of the big institutional fund managers and to enter or exit a trade only when these "giant footprints" are detected.  As part of the MarketClub membership,  the user is allowed unlimited access to professional workshops that covers education in stocks, futures, options, foreign exchange, indices, day trading, money management and psychology (yes...psychology; because trading requires a lot of mental toughness).  Currently, there are over 100 hours of speakers' workshops available to be downloaded from the Marketclub website, in addition to the free downloadable workbooks that accompany each workshop. The MarketClub charting analysis software can be used by active traders in all markets, including the Forex, stock and options trading.  A sample video lesson in forex trading using the MarketClub trading platform can also be downloaded from the ino.com website.

A 12-month membership to join MarketClub will cost $449 which includes unlimited access to the professional workshops, charting software with entry/exit recommendations and stock scanning software.  It also includes a mailed out DVD entitled "Secrets of Profitable Trading with MarketClub" and special trading reports sent out via email.  A 2-month extension to the MarketClub subscription is also available.  There is no need for a promo code or a discount coupon to obtain the 2-month bonus. Refer to the MarketClub Review page for additional instructions on how to obtain the free 2-month extension to the yearly subscription.  Additional sign up coupon codes and special offers from ino.com and Marketclub will be identified on the Marketclub review page, as well.

The reader is also referred to the Marketclub review page for a more detailed review of the MarketClub Trading Service.


Trading Trainer is a website that specializes in options trading education and mentoring.  The site is run and taught by AJ Brown, a renowned expert in options trading.  The website currently has over 800 members, each actively trading options using the strategies developed by AJ Brown.  The mentoring program focuses on teaching the options trader how to analyze chart patterns using combinations of chart indicator templates to uncover price trends.  AJ Brown offers a daily audio and video newsletter where he provides insights into the market with a broad market analysis.  Each daily video also contains recommended trade candidates with full justification using stock chart analysis. Brown also shares his trading portfolio with his students, explaining his entry and exit strategies for each of the securities in his portfolio.  In addition to the options advisory video newsletter, tradingtrainer also offers weekly live 2-hour webinar sessions, where AJ Brown shares new trading strategies and re-enforces existing strategies with his students.  Students are able to interact with Brown and introduce questions regarding options trading for group discussions.  To learn more about Trading Trainer's options mentoring program, visit the AJBrown options trading review page.


As its name implies, MarketNeutralOptions is an advisory service site specializing in options trading.  It focuses on the Iron Condor and Double Diagonal options trading strategies and tracks and provides trade recommendations on the exchange traded funds (ETF).  It is the only option advisory service outfit that we know of which makes the bulk of its income based  on the performance of its advice.

The total fee includes a yearly subscription sign-up cost of $25 plus a cost of $1 per 1% gain in profits from recommended trades.  In addition, the fee on profits is capped at $50 for any trading month.  So whether a trader realizes a 50% profit gain from one, two or an unlimited number of trades within one month, he/she only pays a maximum of $50 for those recommendations.

The site also offers a free 45-day trial membership along with two free educational ebooks to its subscribers, with a value of $190:

"Introduction to the Greeks in Options Trading" and

"Understanding and Profiting from Iron Condor and Double Diagonal"

Visit the stock advisory site for additional information: www.marketneutraloptions.com

Tradeself Stock Picks

Tradeself provides stock picks, penny stock picks, and stock alerts for day traders and swing traders. The site maintains a 74% accuracy rate in picking winning stocks and its portfolio reflects an average gain of 900% per year since 2002. The Tradeself membership fee can be as low as $22 per month based on an annual subscription or you can subscribe on a monthly basis with the monthly rate of $30. For a typical stock recommendation, Tradeself provides justification through technical analysis, allows its members to access all of the charting analysis results online via its membership website and provides specific entry and exit prices for each recommendation. There is a one week trial membership available to anyone who is interested in getting a better feel of how the company operates.


The Option Wiz is an options trading advisory. It's main options trading strategy is to take advantage of the time decay in the options of an underlying stock by selling credit spreads. However, the advisory service also trades debit spreads, condors, butterflies, calendars, diagonals, and covered calls depending on market conditions. The Option Wiz filters options candidates to the lowest risk trades with potential gains around 5-8% within 30 days. Membership to the Trading theoptionwiz advisory is month-to-month, so the investor is not tied to a contract. The monthly subscription to the optionwiz options advisory currently stands at $50/month. Current subscription members are never subjected to a price increase for as long as they remain a member. The advisory service makes recommendations on 4-6 high probability trades per month. Interested investors should visit the link below to obtain more info:
optionwiz trading newsletter.


Part-Time Trading For Full-Time Profits. Learn How To Trade Nasdaq, NYSE Or Any Other Volatile Stock Market.

Support and Resistance Trading Guide and Strategies. Learn How To Trade using support and resistance levels and obtain day trading advice from a 25-year trading veteran.


Rockwell has a stock trading coaching program that is designed to help the investor become a more disciplined trader, in addition to helping the investor master stock technical analysis. As part of its education program, the student has access to a proprietary stock charting software, educational trading videos and personal one-on-one consultation with the Rockwell traders/coaches. The program guarantees that the student will obtain a minimum of 25% returns on investment, or the student will be refunded the cost of the program in addition to an extra $1000. For the platinum membership, the student receives lifetime support on trading advice and coaching services via email and phone access.  To obtain a discount coupon code to the Rockwell Platinum membership, visit the Rockwell Mentoring Program Review page.

The education website also offers a stock trading newsletter that is separate from the trading advisory program. The weekly newsletter provides trading strategies, selection of stock picks, and trading tips. The website is currently offering a 50% discount on the cost of the first month of the investment newsletter. The reader is referred to the rockwelltrading website for further details: Rockwell Trading Newsletter.

Stock Assault

Stock Assault is an automated stock picking software. It screens the list of over 8000 stocks find potential candidates based on a set of high probability chart patterns. It then compiles a hotlist of stocks that have been determined worthy to be traded in the next trading day. The trading software does all of the leg-work in the technical analysis of the stocks and does not require the investor to perform additional research or analysis.  The trading software has a track record of an average return rate of 30.5% per year since 1990. The trading system has a 60-day money back guarantee. The investor will have access to all of the features offered by the software and all of the benefits of daily stock picks.

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